Janet Jackson Tour 2016 – See Unbreakable In Person!

It has been quite a long time since we have got the opportunity to see this performer do what she does best on stage, but luckily she has finally returned to the spotlight and she is ready to give the fans what they have been craving all these years! The currently running Janet Jackson tour 2016 is already going strong and will continue all the way throughout the next year to come at a minimum. There’s a good chance that she will be coming to a city near you since she has so many stops planned. This is a great time to pick up some tickets for unbreakable! Lots of the shows are still many months away, so you can still get excellent seats for a very reasonable price.

We have all been waiting for many years to get the opportunity to check out this historic performer. She is currently already hitting arena after arena, but she doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. She already has a ton of dates scheduled for the upcoming year. As a matter of fact, the majority of her shows will be happening next year. The first leg is actually almost finished, but thanks to the fans giving her the support she needs we are looking at a second leg already. This gives you in any other Janet fan many chances to see the live performance. Just take a look on this page and you can find out if there is a show in your city or in a nearby city. There’s a good chance that you won’t have to travel far to see the show as she is pretty much hitting all the major cities between each coast.

This Is A One Stop Shop!

You don’t need to go anywhere else to find all of the latest updated schedule dates either! We already have every single show that she is planning to play so far right here on this very site. If she adds any more dates onto her unbreakable extravaganza, we will be among the first sites to put out the dates and make tickets available for purchase. This is the one true stop for everything related to Janet’s shows. Just be sure to check back every day and you can find all of the latest dates before all the other fans do. This will allow you to get the best tickets before other people can get their hands on them.

Thankfully, in the middle of January the second leg will begin. The first leg is just about and within a week or so which is a bit of a rush if you haven’t already picked up your seats so far. Showing some patients and getting some tickets for the next leg of the shows is the best idea at this point if you don’t already have tickets. Once mid-January rolls around she will be back in action and belting out all her number one hits from her storied career.

Look Out For Awesome VIP Stuff

If you keep your eyes open for VIP bonuses that she offers now and again. The Janet Jackson tour 2016 is not just about going to see the live show and then going home, oh no! You have lots of opportunities to win tons of amazing special prizes. You’ll have to keep your eyes peeled for these chances because they come and go and you won’t have another opportunity to get your hands on the same bonus twice. Back when she released her brand-new unbreakable album all the fans had the chance to get in on special prices for tickets and also several other VIP bonuses which include interacting with Janet herself and also checking out her awards.

There is sure to be many other exciting VIP bonuses given out throughout the course of her tour. Make sure that you take advantage of these chances and that you get your seats while there are still good space is available.